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Farho Heaters Intelligent heating

Farho is a Spanish company with more than 40 years of experience in the realm of electric heating.

It is a pioneer in the development of a unique system, its radiators being the most efficient on the market thanks to technology designed exclusively for Farho. VERIFIED!


We do also offer Electric Towel Rails on different sizes and colours to fit all users’ needs.

Towel rails

For every style


For every space


A happy “touch”

Why Does Farho offer the best radiators on this 2023?

Our biggest bet is quality. That is why the Farho team is in a continuous process of research, innovation and improvement to offer an electric heating brand that provides guarantee, quality and comfort to their users.

Our heaters break with the myth of the high energy cost of electric heating systems and we offer low consumption electric radiators that achieve the lowest possible cost without losing performance.

We provide heat and cold solutions available in various powers, sizes and functions to fit the personal needs of each user.

With incredible designs adapted to the latest technologies, Farho thermal heatersachieve maximum comfort with energy-efficient smart radiators.

Among the advantages of our electric radiators and towel rails, we highlight their easy and fast installation, their uniform heat distribution, their high 15-year warranty, as well as their low cost.

Because your well-being is our main objective. Learn a little more about us by clicking here.


Maximum electricity savings | Quality certificate | Efficient system | The largest guarantee on the market

Our values

Our mission is to provide heat solutions to nowadays’ challenges: available space, budget, cost of electricity and environmental preservation.
Our future is to achieve maximum perfection in the manufacture and design of our electric heaters.
Our principles are oriented to three main reasons:

* Customer orientation: offering innovative and quality products that guarantee the well-being of users. Offer attention before, during and after the purchase. At Farho we pledge to be with you for the rest of our lives!
* Environmental preservation: create products that are non-polluting, that are recyclable and maintain air and environmental quality. Providing thus improvements in the health of individuals.
* Appreciating employees: investing in training, participating in activities, as well as offering flexibility to help them lead a full and healthy family life.

We are leader in this sector and has been awarded with several national and international distinctions.


The values of our company inspire our work, our culture and our behaviour.

Commitment to innovation

15 years warranty

Patented technology

Energy efficiency


Customer service

Latest news about our Intelligent Heating

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