About Us

Farho is a Spanish Company with over 40 years of experience emanufacturing electric heaters. Farho was the first company to develop this unique heating system. It´s high performance-low consumption heaters make Farho a leading company in its field.

Intelligent Heating:

Farho´s unique heating system was created and developed based on a heating conducting fluid with very high heat inertia. Farho heaters bring together a great number of the advantages of existing heating systems, the use of injected aluminum and electricity as a source of energy, and Farhoil, a patented thermo-fluid developed for Farho. The variety of Farho heaters, from very easy to use analogic models to programmable and automated models, cover all possible heating demands.

Cost Effective Heating

Farho is the most cost-effective product in its range. Installation requires no building or plumbing work as the unit is simply mounted into the wall. The radiators themselves serve as a template and the brackets ensure the units are leveled and do not require specific maintenance. Farho heaters consume very little energy thanks to the low amount of absorbed power, approximately 50% less than any other traditional heating systems. Moreover, the XP heaters can be individually programmed to suit the space to be heated increasing effectiveness and reducing costs.

State of the Art Heating

Farho is constantly innovating, seeking to optimize technology in the development of its components. A few years back, Farho´s R&D department developed a biclimatic chamber that is used to study and analyze different heaters in order to guarantee Farho´s performance and efficiency.

Quality Heating

Farho uses high quality European materials in its products. Farho offers a 20 year guarantee for the aluminum body in Spain, 10 years in other European countries and 5 years in the rest of the world. The electronics all have a 2 year guarantee anywhere in the world. Farho is leader in low-consumption heating and it is for that reason that it has received various national and international awards.

Versatile Heating

Farho may provide detailed calculations to establish which radiators suit best in a given commercial area or home based on the space to be heated, building materials, orientation, cycles, airflows etcetera. The radiator is available in different sizes so it can suit the heating needs of each particular room or space. All models are available in 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15 units with 110 W for element or 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 with an Ultra power of 166 W for element, allowing Farho heaters to fit perfectly in the space provided.

Environmental Friendly Heating:

Farho respects and protects the environment while considerably increasing quality of life. Farho heaters are non polluting, they do not change or dry the air in the rooms, do not produce gases or smoke, noise or vibrations and do not burn on contact. Farho heaters are environmental friendly and safe. Farho heaters do not consume fuel and its unique heat-conducting fluid, FARHOIL, is non toxic, non corrosive and does not produce stains on walls or floors.

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