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FARHO is a Spanish company founded in 1995 and it is the creator of the first radiator with low-power consumption. Pionera en el desarrollo de un sistema único, sus emisores son los más eficientes del mercado gracias a la tecnología desarrollada en exclusiva para Farho.

Our history

FARHO is a Spanishcompany founded in 1995 and it is the creator of the first radiator with low-power consumption.
More than 40 years ago José Antonio Ochoa, our founder and president, invented and patented a revolutionary low-power consumption electrical heating system.
Thanks to his work and perseverance, we manufacture a product that debunks the myth surrounding the high energy cost of radiator systems to date under PATENT OF INVENTION.

Our system meant a revolution in the field, building up a stream of followers and imitators. 

Our facilities, located in Northern Spain, extend over 11.000 m² and are fully equipped to manufacture 1.500.000 radiators annually, complying with the highest quality and assurance standards required by the different regulations.

In addition, we have an innovative hi-tech bi-climatic chamber, exclusive even at a global scale. There, our radiators are verified in situ with the highest level of accuracy and assurance and we can make sure that no other radiator in the market is able to compete against our products with regard to quality and consumption.

This forces us to permanently keep the needed high level of investment in R&D, resulting in a product that will always be at the forefront.

Our commitment to providing a product of unbeatable high quality allows us to be THE ONLY ONES IN THE MARKET TO OFFER A 15 YEAR WARRANTY.

Our values

Farho manufactures all radiators in Spain and, for that purpose, it uses high-quality European raw materials.

                                                As a leading brand in its market sector, it has been awarded with both national and international distinctions.

                                                Our company’s values inspire our work, culture and behaviour.


As expected from a leader and taking into consideration the current needs of our customers, Farho develops, designs and manufactures its appliances through its affiliate FARHO Domótica.

Our WI-FI controlled heating systems will memorise your behaviour patterns in order to anticipate your schedules and displacements. Therefore, you will always achieve the greatest saving and comfort.

In addition, they can geolocate you, making sure that your home is heated to the desired temperature for your arrival.

Efficient and cost-effective

FARHO means: maximum thermal performance with minimal energy consumption.

To achieve this we use die-cast aluminium with modern and efficient designs that favour natural convection, being resistant to time and corrosion. We do also use an AISI-304 low-consumption stainless steel element with high thermal performance, as well as our thermoconductor fluid called FARHOIL, with low specific value and high heat performance.

Their installation is easy and does not require major works.

Efficient and cost-effective

Farho is the most economical product in its range. Its installation is simple; It does not require large works since the emitters are hung directly on the wall. Farho radiators are low consumption, due to the low power required, approximately 50% less than a traditional emitter. In addition, the XP model, the highest in the Farho range, makes it possible to optimize heating efficiency to the maximum,considerably reducing electricity consumption.


Farho is constantly innovating and striving for the optimisation of their radiators’ technology and, for that purpose, our R&D department works tirelessly in the bi-climatic chamber, testing and analysing both our radiators and those of our competitors, and trying to maximize our products’ quality, consumption and performance.


Farho radiators are available in different sizes so they can adapt to all needs.

And as diversity is the spice of life, you will also be able tochoose the colour of your radiator

You will be provided with the necessary studies to help you choose the model, finishing and the needed number of elements for every roomat no cost.


Farho offers its clients heating studies that will allow determining the number of elements necessary to heat a room based on sizes, construction qualities, windows, etc. Farhoradiators are available in various sizes so that they can be adjusted to any need and space. All its models are available in bodies of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 with powers of 110 W per element, or in bodies of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 elements, with an Ultra power of 166 W per element.


Farho respects and protects the environment while considerably improving life quality. Farho radiators do not pollute nor alter or dry the environment. They do not generate gases or fumes, they are noise and vibration-free and they do not burn on contact with the skin.

Our products comply with the Eco Design regulations

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