Farho SOLIDARIA: Making masks for residences of the elderly with our 3D printers

Without a doubt, the moments we live in are exceptional, and will mark a before and after in all the generations that are now present on this beloved planet.

They are moments of looking, thinking and acting above our daily reality and above all focused on society. Farho could not be less, because it is a company committed to society and its environment; once again shows its solidarity and social responsibility this time in the fight against Covid-19 supporting its closest environment.

And it is that the Spanish company based in Asturias has not hesitated to contribute its grain of sand to stop this pandemic and collaborate with health personnel and try to alleviate the effects of COVID-19 among the health workers themselves and in the nursing homes that are so affected are seeing themselves in this situation.

Being directly involved in the manufacture of sanitary material, putting it at the service of small and medium-sized nursing homes that carry out necessary and commendable work and that lack sufficient equipment and materials to fight the virus, preventing the number of those infected from growing among its residents and workers, with a lethal result on many occasions.

Specifically we explain that Farho is part of the altruistic project with Makers Asturias, whose website we provide you in case you dare to participate with them www.makersasturias.com. This non-profit association in collaboration with the police and law enforcement agencies collects medical supplies donated from Asturias (distributed throughout the Asturian geography and the first stay and the rest of the country), making it reach healthcare facilities and nursing homes devoid of sufficient material before such a health emergency.

The Farho radiator factory uses all its 3D printers, which they normally use in its R&D department, for the production of Poly Lactic Acid Screens, these screens are equipped with high quality materials that without being the long-awaited masks FPII, isolate and help avoid contagion among the inhabitants of the nursing homes, who are the most vulnerable population and the health and work staff of these homes that we do not forget, do a commendable job in this situation, whose action we all deeply appreciate , and that they are in a risky situation as they lack the material of urgent need in such a situation.

For this reason, Farho has put all its 3D printers to work 24 hours a day to achieve the highest possible performance, in the manufacture of these masks / screens made with high-quality materials, thus contributing to isolation against the virus, partially supplying the already so well-known lack of PPE.

In this way, the well-known brand of radiators collaborates to contribute its grain of sand and stop this pandemic. It shows their commitment to society and helping the community that has given us so much, with the means that we can count on to contribute help in these complicated moments when they are sorely needed. Helping a generation, (our elders) who have left their skin working and helping their families and society in the moments when they had to live, and who should now be enjoying their retirement, let’s not forget that their own retirement word, comes from the term jubilo that comes to mean joy and happiness and instead of this they are facing the disease in the most cruel way, away from their families and isolated, without having enough means to avoid massive infections.

Situation analogous to that experienced by health personnel and work personnel in small and medium-sized residences, who accompany and care for our elders, exposing their own health, therefore, given this lack of resources, FARHO has become involved together with other companies and individuals Asturians with Makers Asturias, to try to stop the number of infected and make a society safer and better, in this difficult situation. We thank Farho, other companies and many individuals for their collaboration from the depths of us, never forgetting the role that the health workers are playing from the public and private functions in these small and medium-sized residences we were talking about, as well As to the forces of order for their collaboration, THANK YOU, and I hope that when all this happens (it will happen) we continue to recognize their great effort, work and dedication.

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