Heat calculator

With this calculator and simply by filling in this brief form with the conditions that meet your needs, you will be able to estimate the amount of FARHO radiators that you will need for your home, office… Simply fill out this short form with the conditions that suit your needs.

  • Room volume: space that needs to be heated in cubic meters
  • Type of climate: The type of climate depends on the area where it will be installed, from very mild to extra cold. We explain the areas with colours on the map you can see attached. Coefficient for the different rooms in a house according to climate zone
  • Model of radiator: Choose the radiator which meets your needs from our wide range of products.
  • Number of elements: Our calculator will indicate the needed size of the radiator to cover the room.
  • • Mind that volume is calculated: length + width + height of the room that will be heated (the standard measure of a house’s height is 2.5m).

Room volume in m3

Type of climate

Climate coefficients


Radiator model

For a more detailed study, do not hesitate to contact Farho technical service where you will receive all the help you need.