675W Low Profile electric radiator Farho LPD (9).

675W Low Profile electric radiator Farho LPD (9). Radiator with 24/7 programmable digital thermostat. Low consumption electric radiators for rooms of up to 10m2. 15 years of warranty.

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675W Low Profile electric radiator Farho LPD (9). This 675W LPD model by Farho is a low-profile radiator. Since its height does not reach 350 mm, it is designed to fit reduced spaces and it is adapted to be placed below large windows or sloped ceiling spaces.

Details of the 675W Farho LPD Radiator:
    • Ideal for low height spaces, since it is 350mm high.
    • Digital Domotizable thermostat that allows for daily and weekly scheduling with up to 6 time bands for each day independently.
    • Programmable thanks to its domotic features and our free App.
    • Single 5-year battery to save time and scheduling.
    • 675 W power – 75W per element.
    • Odd elements: 9 elements.
    • Non-illuminated general cut-off switch
    • Safety heat limiter.
    • Double lateral end panel.
    • Double probe: Electronic and NTC.
    • Easy installation.
    • 1.40m supply cord with plug
    • Portable and optional castors(sold separately)
    • Wall-mounting bracket kit included so it can be hung on the wall.
    • It is controlled with the App Farho only with WiFi*
    • Die-cast aluminium chassis with white Epoxi finish, inalterable to time and corrosion
    • 1” armoured electric resistance, built with an AISI-3 stainless steel pipe of low consumption and maximum heating performance.
    • • High temperature FARHOIL thermal fluid resistance from -40ºC to 330ºC. High thermal conductivity and low stream pressure. Especially developed to achieve the greatest performance of Farho radiators.
    • Geolocation. *
    • Compatible with Alexa. *
    • BOOST function. Allows you to activate it at the maximum power output for 2 hours.

*Features available with MI. (Internet Module)** Sold separately.

*** 15 years of warranty ***

Manufactured in Spain with invention patent protection. A product which debunks the myth of the high energy cost of electric heating systems existing up to date.

Additional information

Weight 13,23 kg

770 x 350 x 95 (mm)





Type of thermostat

Digital Programable 24/7 – Opción WiFi

Number of elements


Components included

1,50m supply cord with plug.

Technical Sheet

Heating calculator


Our radiators are very easy to install. Skilled workforce is not required. Watch the tutorial on Youtube or contact us if you need further assistance.


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