Infrared remote control for towel rail

DISTANCE REMOTE CONTROL: Your towel radiator can be monitored from a remote control equipped with infrared rays coming from an IR receptor located at the front of the thermostat.

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The remote control of the towel radiator is a simple and quick solution for those who want to control their thermostat through a remote control.

Details of the towel rail’s remote control:

  • Its use is optional for Nova, Nova Little and Nova Deco models.
  • Available in white and chrome.
  • + and – temperature keys.
  • Boost forced starting key to accelerate the temperature’s heating for 2 hours.


★★★ 10 years warranty ★★★


Manufactured in Spain with invention patent protection. A product which debunks the myth of the high energy cost of electric heating systems existing up to date.

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White or Chrome


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