MI Farho

Farho´s Internet Module (MI Farho) allows users to control a whole heating system from anywhere in the world through Farho´s free application Farho-Control that can be downloaded to any Smartphone or Tablet.

What is it?
Farho´s Internet Module is nexus between the heaters and the Smartphone or Tablet. It does not require a tedious installation. The only thing you need is an internet signal and a Wi-Fi Router in the building in order to connect the MI Farho to the electricity line, install each unit to the application and synchronize.
Through the Farho Control application, the user will be able to control its heating system from anywhere in the world that has internet connection or 3 or 4G.

What does it do?
The MI Farho is an internet device that allows Farho´s heating system to be 100% controllable thanks to its free app Farho-Control.

How many do I need?
In a standard home, with just one MI Farho, the client will be able to control a whole heating system. If we want to control a bigger installation, it is possible for more than one MI Farho to be needed. When trying to automate big installations, Farho´s recommendation is to contact directly our Technical Support Team for more information and recommendations.


  • Measures: 110 x 80 x 26mm
  • Broadcast band 868 Mhz.
  • Supply voltage 230 V AC-5 V DC.
  • Consumption: 40 mA.
  • Possibility of remote access of the installation through the internet.
  • Manufactured according to: UNE-EN 60950. UNE-EN 301 489. UNE-EN 1000-6. UNE-EN 220. RoHS Regulations.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Components in the packaging: Internet Module Farho-MI, Antenna RF 86 MHZ, External power supply 5V-1 A, USBE-Mini USB power cable.

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