MI Module

The Farho MI internet odule will allow you to control any element of thr system that you have installed in your home via radio frequenty.
Thanks to its compability with all radiators.


  • Measures: 110 x 80 x 26mm
  • Broadcast band 868 Mhz.
  • Supply voltage 230 V AC-5 V DC.
  • Consumption: 40 mA.
  • Possibility of remote access of the installation through the internet.
  • Manufactured according to: UNE-EN 60950. UNE-EN 301 489. UNE-EN 1000-6. UNE-EN 220. RoHS Regulations.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Components in the packaging: Internet Module Farho-MI, Antenna RF 86 MHZ, External power supply 5V-1 A, USBE-Mini USB power cable.


2 Years Warranty


Farho MI development never stops. This software allows the update of the internal program of the MI module (the firmware).

Update your MI module to gain access to the latest enhancements and new features.

Needed tools
– Internet Module Farho MI
– USB to mini USB wire (supplied with the MI)
– Windows PC

Software requirements
Our MI Firmware Updater software requires the following software installed on your PC:

– Runtime components of Visual C++

Regardless of your OS version you must choose the 32bit version of the file.


– Windows XP users may also needs to download the .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

You can download it at Microsoft web site:

Microsoft .NET Framework (Standalone Installer)

Step by step installation
1. Check the info at your app to see if your MI firmware is updated. If your firmware release number is small than the last firmware release, you should update the firmware.

2. Download the update pack. Unpack the files in a folder.Remember the location of that folder, we need to access to some of the files included in it later.


At the “Help” screen of the app you can find the Installation identifier: xxxxxx/IDU

The IDU is the number after the slash “/”

If the IDU number is lower than 5000 use the PRE5000 version, and if the IDU is higher than 5000 use the POST5000 one.

3. If needed, install the required software as decribed above in “Software requirements”

4. Run the Update program “NexhoFirmUpdater.exe”. All the buttons are disabled.

5. Unplug all the wires from the MI module (power and network wires)

6. Plug the USB wire supplied with the MI module to your PC.

7. Use a long thin tool (like a small screwdriver) to press the MI installation button and keep it pressed until you connect the MI module to the USB wire previously connected to your PC.
The button must be pressed while you are connecting the module to the PC.
If this is the first time you connect your MI module, your PC displays a message showing that a new device has been detected.
Once detected and configured by your PC (no reboot needed, even if the PC shows the opposite message), green and yellow lights starts to flash alternatively.
The module is ready to start the update process and you have a limited amount of time to complete the process.

8. Take a look at the Update program on the screen of your PC. The “Press to update” button is now enabled, press it. The firmware is now being loaded to the module.

WARNING!! Firmwares not downloaded from Farho.com makes the device unusable.

9. When the process ends, the textbox shows the message “Successful!”. Press the “Eject MI” button and wait until the textbox shows “MI removed”. Green and yellow lights stops flashing and the module is ready to work again.


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